Alliance of Concerned Men

Alliance of Concerned Men

Our Mission

The Alliance of Concerned Men (ACM) is an all-encompassing village approach to the eradication of violence for all communities, focusing on reduction, mitigation, and prevention. We strive to save lives and impact our community every day by fostering positive change. We follow a robust quality-of-life model, eradicating violence through successful conflict resolution, prevention, intervention, and wrap-around services with a culturally competent approach to public safety. Our focus on creating a better world is fueled by our community and a genuine love for our people.

A Case Study: Public Safety Through Public Engagement

TEDx · BSU · Terrance Staley

Our Executive Director, Terrance Staley, presents the astounding results of the hard work the Alliance of Concerned Men and
poignant personal stories at Bowie State University through TEDx. Through dedication and community engagement, we have
made a huge impact on our community, and we hope to serve as a model for national change.

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A Winning Strategy

Our Programs

ACM has a successful 30+ year track record working with vulnerable communities in the nation’s capital that have been plagued by high levels of crime and violence. Check out our different ongoing focuses below:

Out-of-School Time Grants | Alliance of Concerned Men

Time Grants

Cure the Streets | Alliance of Concerned Men

Cure the Streets

Violence Free Zone Initiative | Alliance of Concerned Men

Violence-Free Zone
OG Initiative

Community Health Intitiative | Alliance of Concerned Men

Community Health Initiative

Credible Messenger | Alliance of Concerned Men

Credible Messenger

Train the Trainer | Alliance of Concerned Men

Train the Trainer

Eradication of Violence

A Better World

We utilize the innate natural resources in communities by engaging returning citizens that have passed our vigorous ACM training, along with faith leaders, grassroots groups, and community-based encompassing services to better serve neighborhoods and improve the lives of families.

Alliance of Concerned Men

“ACM had the trust and confidence of the young people, and they witnessed to them and helped change their lives.”

Bob Woodson, President & Founder Woodson Center

“Because of the Alliance of Concerned Men, I was able to get a college degree, pursue a career in television, and now I’m an official Real Estate Developer in Washington DC. As a troubled youth in a gang, the Alliance of Concerned Men’s doors were always opened to help me.”

Ivan Cloyd, DC Real Estate Developer

“Congrats, Alliance of Concerned Men, for the work that you have done!”

Washington, DC Deputy Mayor for Public Safety