Cure the Streets | Alliance of Concerned Men
Cure the Streets | Alliance of Concerned Men

Forming Key Relationships



We use an evidence-based approach to cure violence.

In partnership with the DC Office of the Attorney General (OAG), ACM manages the Cure the Streets program in Ward 7 Marshall Heights and Ward 8 Washington Highlands, which employs credible and influential individuals who have key relationships with high-risk individuals in target neighborhoods.

The program uses a public-health-focused, evidence-based approach to cure violence in the District of Columbia. Cure the Streets team members work to move individuals from being high risk to low risk, which subsequently helps to reduce gun violence.

Violence Interrupters on the team have credibility, relationships, and influence in their communities and are trained to resolve conflicts. When gun violence does occur, Violence Interrupters work with the victim and other parties involved to prevent retaliatory violence. They also negotiate peace agreements or truces among gangs.