Alliance of Concerned Men

Generational Change

Embracing the whole community

Our extensive programs reach youth of all ages and positively impact various parts of a child’s life. From summer programs for elementary-aged children to training courses for high school seniors, our work provides opportunities for learning about conflict resolution, financial opportunities, and building self esteem, which will change this generation and future generations to come. Our work extends to assisting adults with struggles like poverty, addiction, and hunger so that we can embrace the community as a whole.


Violence-Free Zone Initiative

Credible Messenger

Conflict Resolution:

Train the Trainer Curriculum Implementation – Chester Community Charter School

Out-Of-School Time Grants

Community Health Initiative

Alliance of Concerned Men
“A relative was out of control, going in the wrong way, skipping school, and wanting to fight, but because of ACM and Rico Rush (one of the original founders), their life was turned around. Going back to school, their entire world was changed. Now, they work for an international corporation. These men work hard. Much time and effort are spent on our youth; we need to help support them.”
Reba Magruder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Employee Matching Gifts Program
“I’m in South Carolina now, and years of mentoring with Alliance of Concerned Men when I was a troubled youth—everything I learned from them, I have transplanted it here.”
Darius Robinson, Community Leader